Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving and the "Bubailey Plague"

Friday Nov 18th - Drive down to Idaho; pull in at 5am MST due to closed and icy roads.  We found out that 3 people have been throwing up all that night.

Saturday Nov 19th - Sick people under quarantine, we all visit and are very happy to be with the Baileys

Saturday Nov 19th night till morning - I had bad stomach pains all night, but seemed to be alright in the morning.

Sunday Nov 20th - We all went to church and things still seem to be alright

Sunday Nov 20th to Monday Nov 21st - I had pains all night again, got up in the morning, showered, and just couldn't shake the pains.  Ended up in bed all day Monday feeling nauseated, thereafter had some interesting bathroom experiences at night.

Tuesday Nov 22nd - Feeling weak, but in general much better, went to the temple with the adults in the family and did sealings!  Totally amazing experience.  Thereafter ate at a Chinese Restaurant called "Happy's."  However, Mom, Nick, Marren and I had to rush back to go to rehearsal/work; and Marren and I each had 1 kid throwing up while we were gone.  We get back and it was the 2 moms against the world, as we had the two girls continue to throw-up on us and throw-up in 3 other places of the house that needed to be cleaned up.

When the rest of the party came back, 3 adults and Addie spent the most part of the night in and out of the bathroom or puking in a bowl next to them.

Wednesday Nov 23rd - Lily threw-up twice in the morning, and ended up in bed with her daddy all day, but everyone else seemed alright.  We start prepping for the big Turkey Day.

Thursday Nov 24th - Thanksgiving was totally hectic in the morning with all of us cooking and getting things done.  We were aiming to eat at 1pm because 1 of us had to go to work.  We ended up eating at 1:30-ish without a Turkey but hey, we had 9 superbly yummy pies made by 5 married women! (In case you're curious, we had 1. The Mother of All Apple Pies; 2. strawberry rhubarb; 3. banana cream; 4. chocolate cream; 5. coconut cream; 6. classic pumpkin; 7. classic pecan; 8. french peach pie; 9. pumpkin eggnog pecan pie). We had lots of yummy sides and 2 tasty turkeys that were done a few hours later.  Unfortunately another adult got sick after the meal.... Thursday night, I generally like to honor Turkey Day, but we ended up doing some shopping.  10pm @ Walmart was the most insane place to be in Pocatello, Id that night!  Seriously crowded, seriously scary - we had people break out in fist fights over the Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle, people stealing other people's waffle irons, and a lot of chaos. 

Friday Nov 25th 12am - Another bunch of us headed out to Shopko and everyone was much nicer, much more organzied and we all got what we wanted in 25 min!

Friday Nov 25th 4am - 4 of us crazy ladies got up again and went shopping starting with JCPenny's, then Fred Meyer, then Big Lots - all very successful.  However, between 5am - 6am, we get a call and another one had bite the dust and fallen to this crazy stomach flu!  And some of us were having relapses in a milder form of this crazy thing!  I've decided it's more like a cleansing of your body because everything comes out in all directions.  So, the healthy ones tried to shop for the unhealthy ones and we were shopping all day!  I'm not joking!  I had maybe 2 hours of sleep and was shopping from 10pm the night before till 5pm the next day. 

Saturday Nov 26th - Another 2 came down with the sickness and was throwing up.  But we tried to have fun and salvage the very last bit of our vacation.

Sunday Nov 27th - we drove home with 2 sick children in diapers.  Yes, that says TWO children - it was a precautionary measure.  All in all, only 2 escaped unscathed out of 25 this past week.  Most of us are still experiencing left-over symptoms.  We still loved every minute of being with the Baileys and we will talk about this for years to come I'm sure!


  1. CRAZY!!! Glad you survived and even had some fun despite the madness.

  2. Ugh! You sound pretty happy about the trip still, which is good.

  3. Yuck. I don't even like shopping when I feel well. You're ambitious, Lady!