Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

 I honestly lost faith and didn't believe that we were going to carve pumpkins this year.  Last weekend was the first weekend that Luke and I had time to spend together with the kids this month, and between going to Craven Farm, making cupcakes and corn bread for our ward's Trunk or Treat party, getting the kids in their costumes, etc., I didn't see it happening.  But, to my great delight we did get to carve this year!!
Thanks to Luke, who found these awesome gourds at the farm that inspired us, he came up with a fun idea for a pumpkin.  Since carving a face wasn't too difficult, we decided we would indeed carve pumpkins this year.  I didn't get a pumpkin of my own because there really wasn't any time, but if I had, I would've done suns from "Tangled."  We got mini pumpkins for the girls and they really are fun little things to carve.  Lily wanted ladybugs and Arya wanted a kitty.  I carved Lily's pumpkin and started Arya's but didn't have time so Luke did most of the kitty one.

I really like how the ladybugs turned out.  I had my doubts till we put a candle in it.

Isn't this totally fabulous?  It started out with the nose gourd and then we found the horns.


  1. These are great! I love how the nose gourd lights up!

  2. Fun pumpkins! The gourds in the holes are a nice touch.