Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

For Thanksgiving this year my mom thought we'd have the celebration at my house since I just had Michael 2 weeks ago. Well, between my mom being jetlegged from her stay in Taiwan and my determination and interest in helping out, I ended up doing quite a bit this year for Thanksgiving. I am proud to say that I made that beautiful bird in the picture - stuffing and all! This was my first Turkey all by myself and I was pretty dang happy with it. I brined it on Wed night and it was SO worth it!! The Turkey was juicy and tasty! Our friends that we invited over made little turkey booties for me so that my Turkey could look extra schnazy in this picture.
So, I ended up making rolls, green bean casserole, corn, broccoli salad, jello salad, wassel and 3 pies - apple, strawberry custard and chocolate cream. I didn't go all out and make the pie crusts, it was just a bit much and we bought a frozen pumpkin pie so I didn't make the pumpkin. Our friends made the mashed potatoes and brought the eggnog, and my mom made the candied yams and cranberry sauce.
Most of you know that we had snow over Thanksgiving week/weekend and this was the girls' first experience playing in the snow. Lily was pretty cute when she asked me what the snow crunching sound was when they were walking on the snow. She was however quite disappointed at the powdery consistency of the snow this storm since she couldn't form a snow ball very well. Next time!