Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Neighborhoods

 The weekend before Christmas, Luke and I attended a wedding reception over in Mountlake Terrace.  On our way home, we noticed that there were a couple neighborhoods that had incredible light displays.  One of the neighborhoods was trying to raise funds and canned foods for a charity, the other was just for fun.  So, Monday before Christmas, Misty and the kids and my whole family took a drive.  It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed seeing all the lights.

 Misty and I decided that instead of big blow-up things on the lawn that we will eventually do something like this display.  It's just painted wood and we were really excited about the possibility of painting together someday. :o)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Garden d'Light

We like to visit the Bellevue Botanical Gardens during the Holiday season.  Every year from Thanksgiving till the end of December, the Garden puts up an impressive light display for the people to enjoy.  It use to be a free event; however, due to funding they now charge on certain nights.  Monday-Wednesdays during the first 2-3 weeks of December is always free. We took the opportunity to go this past Tuesday.  It's one of the Hsu family traditions that I carried over into my own little family because these lights have magical holiday powers that make me happy and excited for Christmas.  For the most part things stay the same every year, however, they do try and add new lights/new creations here and there.  We took our family picture at the very end of the night this year which was NOT smart because Michael was extremely cranky by the end... and yes, that hat over half his face probably didn't help either.
I'm pretty sure I have about 10 pictures of this peacock and the swans from all the years that I've gone.  I just can't help myself but snag a picture of these beautiful creations every year.

The Fishtank display is fairly new.  I saw it for the first time last year.  It's one of the girls' favorite displays. 
The parrot is an oldie but goodie.   They didn't have the squirrel or the slug this year.  At least we didn't see them.  The girls were pretty bummed about that, but they did have something else that was new!
 This was my favorite!  Brand new this year, this dragon had over six thousand lights on it!  It was AMAZING! 

Christmas Tree Decorating

I am so behind on so many things but it's time to catch up! After we came home from Idaho it's been one thing after another; and then I was hit with a nasty cold!  I had a fever for 2 days and was a walking zombie for 7.  I'm finally up and about even though the cold is still lingering. 
Anyway, we bought our Christmas tree from the Yakima Fruit Market on 12/3.That day was jammed pack with music rehearsals and ward Christmas parties, etc., but by golly I wanted a tree in the house! It's a nice 8-9ft douglas fir.  We decorated the tree 3 days later on a Tuesday because that was the first time we had time together between rehearsals and performances.  (Luke had 2 stake performances with specialty group numbers; 2 ward parties and a RS performance).

We blasted Christmas music that Tuesday night.  The kids danced, played, and read while Luke put the lights on the tree.  Michael was mostly interested in a ball that he was playing with but there were times when he decided that he wanted to help daddy with the christmas lights. :o)  In the end we had LOTS of fun.  The tree is not perfectly balanced, but when you look at it, you know it was decorated with love.  I LOVE the holidays!

Michael balancing the ball he was playing with.  He had so much fun with it!  He was so adorable... but I pretty much think he's adorable all the time. :o)

The girls got to make some ornaments at one of the Christmas parties we attended.  They were VERY excited to hang them on the tree.