Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mother's Day and Father's Day

 I know, I am so behind, but at least I'm still posting these.  Apparently in the Bailey family instead of Easter Dresses, the girls in the family use to get Mother's Day dresses.  This year Mom Bailey and Angel decided to  continue with that tradition and they made matching skirts for the younger girls in the family and the granddaughters.  They mailed the skirts to us for both my family and Marren's family.  When Marren and I saw how adorable these were we had to go and find appropriate shirts to match.  So we went off to the consignment shop and the Value Village near our home.  I was so happy that I was able to find the girls matching tops that matched their skirts at the stores!  Talk about lucky!.
 Anyway, my Mother's Day was fantastic.  I did end up going to church by myself with the kids since Luke wasn't feeling well, but he made me breakfast in the morning, got the kids ready except for the hair part, and then when he was at home he cleaned up my house! :)  Every year at Mother's Day Luke always gives me a "day off" and I LOVE IT!  He always takes care of all the children, in fact, they're not even allowed to ask me for ANYTHING that day and he always cleans my house.  Talk about the best Mother's Day present in the world!  Him and Jeff just pampered Marren and I all day with lunch and dinner, putting the kids down, etc.  It was wonderful.

 Lily made me this drawing at school for Mother's Day.  I thought she did a fabulous job.  She told me that that day she didn't get to do "choice time" because she was working on this project for me.  I told her that it was the best picture I've seen her paint/draw.  I LOVED it.
 Anyway, for Father's Day I didn't do anything nearly as grand for Luke.  I tried, but I just am not as good I guess.  I ended up sending him to church with the girls by himself because Michael wasn't feeling well.  I did end up cleaning up just a tad, but it's different when you have a sick baby who constantly needs your attention.  I made him lunch and dinner, but you know, I realized that that wasn't really all that special since I do it everyday....  We did end up getting him a really nice wet suit for Father's Day so I guess at least we gave him a present.  I so appreciate how wonderful he is and what a great dad he his.  The art project below was something that Lily made in school for Luke.  It came with a story about how a father would go all the way up into the heavens to get the moon for his daughter.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 A couple months ago Michael got his first... noticeable injury.  We were sitting at church and he decided to take a head dive right into the Hymn book holders in the pews.  It went straight across his nose and it wasn't pretty.  Luke took him out of sacrament meeting immediately and then went for ice in the kitchen.  However, there were no ice or ice packs in the kitchen at the church so he drove home and iced it there.  I stayed in the chapel with the girls and was told the he was really brave and pretty much stopped crying shortly after Luke took him out.  We loved how the finger bandage fit perfectly over his wound.  He looked pretty awesome.  Luke had to bring him back to church looking like that because Luke was performing a musical number that day for the end of Sunday School.  So I pretty much got to be embarrassed about being a terrible mom all day.  Fortunately most people understood and shared their pew accident stories with me to make me feel better.
 At the beginning of May, Luke's sister - Marren and her family came and visited us.  We love them and they have 3 kids all roughly the same ages as mine.  They came and stayed for 3 weeks and it was a blast.  Unfortunately, on the 3rd day that they were here, Lily sprained her ankle on the trampoline.  It was amazing to me how fast she healed considering how bad the sprain was.  I remember spraining my ankle in HS while playing Volleyball and I was on crutches and out for weeks!  Lily on the other hand didn't have crutches or a boot and was walking on her ankle after about 5 days.  Here's a picture of her REALLY awesome bruises from the sprain.  Isn't it amazing?!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Vacation Day 3

 On our last day (Sunday), we decided to go to the Forks Ward in the morning to attend church.  It was a very small ward but really nice people.  The funny thing was, after Sacrament meeting the Stake Music person for that Stake came up to Luke and asked if he'd be willing to perform a musical number next week. Luke informed her that we don't live in Forks and thanked her for the opportunity.  :)
 After church we went back to our place, packed up and headed out.  Our first destination was Beaver Falls.  I had read about it online and thought it might be cool. Unfortunately, Beaver Falls is on the side of the road and really no hiking trails at all.  So, the kids and I viewed it from the top while Luke did his thing and scaled down the side of the road and got the picture above.  It was pretty.
 We then headed to Salt Creek County Park, a place we visited a few years back on the Hsu vacation.  Unfortunately the tide was coming in and we didn't get to go out too far to explore the tide pools, but we still had a lot of fun.  We also discovered on this trip that the kids have never rolled down a hill before so we showed them how at the park.

We took off from Salt Creek County Park around 3pm to head home.  The kids were all exhausted but they sure had fun.  After we came home the next day for Family Home Evening we looked at all the pictures.  The kids then asked if we could go on family vacation again soon.  I think that's what we call a VERY successful family vacation. :)