Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Vacation Day 3

 On our last day (Sunday), we decided to go to the Forks Ward in the morning to attend church.  It was a very small ward but really nice people.  The funny thing was, after Sacrament meeting the Stake Music person for that Stake came up to Luke and asked if he'd be willing to perform a musical number next week. Luke informed her that we don't live in Forks and thanked her for the opportunity.  :)
 After church we went back to our place, packed up and headed out.  Our first destination was Beaver Falls.  I had read about it online and thought it might be cool. Unfortunately, Beaver Falls is on the side of the road and really no hiking trails at all.  So, the kids and I viewed it from the top while Luke did his thing and scaled down the side of the road and got the picture above.  It was pretty.
 We then headed to Salt Creek County Park, a place we visited a few years back on the Hsu vacation.  Unfortunately the tide was coming in and we didn't get to go out too far to explore the tide pools, but we still had a lot of fun.  We also discovered on this trip that the kids have never rolled down a hill before so we showed them how at the park.

We took off from Salt Creek County Park around 3pm to head home.  The kids were all exhausted but they sure had fun.  After we came home the next day for Family Home Evening we looked at all the pictures.  The kids then asked if we could go on family vacation again soon.  I think that's what we call a VERY successful family vacation. :)


  1. Haha! I can't blame the lady at church. I take every opportunity to hear Luke sing, too!