Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 A couple months ago Michael got his first... noticeable injury.  We were sitting at church and he decided to take a head dive right into the Hymn book holders in the pews.  It went straight across his nose and it wasn't pretty.  Luke took him out of sacrament meeting immediately and then went for ice in the kitchen.  However, there were no ice or ice packs in the kitchen at the church so he drove home and iced it there.  I stayed in the chapel with the girls and was told the he was really brave and pretty much stopped crying shortly after Luke took him out.  We loved how the finger bandage fit perfectly over his wound.  He looked pretty awesome.  Luke had to bring him back to church looking like that because Luke was performing a musical number that day for the end of Sunday School.  So I pretty much got to be embarrassed about being a terrible mom all day.  Fortunately most people understood and shared their pew accident stories with me to make me feel better.
 At the beginning of May, Luke's sister - Marren and her family came and visited us.  We love them and they have 3 kids all roughly the same ages as mine.  They came and stayed for 3 weeks and it was a blast.  Unfortunately, on the 3rd day that they were here, Lily sprained her ankle on the trampoline.  It was amazing to me how fast she healed considering how bad the sprain was.  I remember spraining my ankle in HS while playing Volleyball and I was on crutches and out for weeks!  Lily on the other hand didn't have crutches or a boot and was walking on her ankle after about 5 days.  Here's a picture of her REALLY awesome bruises from the sprain.  Isn't it amazing?!

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