Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mother's Day and Father's Day

 I know, I am so behind, but at least I'm still posting these.  Apparently in the Bailey family instead of Easter Dresses, the girls in the family use to get Mother's Day dresses.  This year Mom Bailey and Angel decided to  continue with that tradition and they made matching skirts for the younger girls in the family and the granddaughters.  They mailed the skirts to us for both my family and Marren's family.  When Marren and I saw how adorable these were we had to go and find appropriate shirts to match.  So we went off to the consignment shop and the Value Village near our home.  I was so happy that I was able to find the girls matching tops that matched their skirts at the stores!  Talk about lucky!.
 Anyway, my Mother's Day was fantastic.  I did end up going to church by myself with the kids since Luke wasn't feeling well, but he made me breakfast in the morning, got the kids ready except for the hair part, and then when he was at home he cleaned up my house! :)  Every year at Mother's Day Luke always gives me a "day off" and I LOVE IT!  He always takes care of all the children, in fact, they're not even allowed to ask me for ANYTHING that day and he always cleans my house.  Talk about the best Mother's Day present in the world!  Him and Jeff just pampered Marren and I all day with lunch and dinner, putting the kids down, etc.  It was wonderful.

 Lily made me this drawing at school for Mother's Day.  I thought she did a fabulous job.  She told me that that day she didn't get to do "choice time" because she was working on this project for me.  I told her that it was the best picture I've seen her paint/draw.  I LOVED it.
 Anyway, for Father's Day I didn't do anything nearly as grand for Luke.  I tried, but I just am not as good I guess.  I ended up sending him to church with the girls by himself because Michael wasn't feeling well.  I did end up cleaning up just a tad, but it's different when you have a sick baby who constantly needs your attention.  I made him lunch and dinner, but you know, I realized that that wasn't really all that special since I do it everyday....  We did end up getting him a really nice wet suit for Father's Day so I guess at least we gave him a present.  I so appreciate how wonderful he is and what a great dad he his.  The art project below was something that Lily made in school for Luke.  It came with a story about how a father would go all the way up into the heavens to get the moon for his daughter.

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  1. How wonderful were those two presents from Lily!!