Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beach Day

Well, it finally warmed up and yesterday it was about 70-72 degrees so Luke and I took the girls to Coulon Park with Zeke and Maggie's family. The girls were a little hesitant about the sand at first, but they had fun in the end. It was really nice since Coulon also has this really large playground so after some beach fun we went over to the playground for some extra fun.

Arya really wasn't so sure about the whole sand thing.

Zeke's little boy didn't have any problems with the sand. :)

Lily helping build a mote around Luke's castle.

The girls at the playground. I think that's the first time I've really seen Arya enjoy the swing, but who can resist daddy making funny faces at the same time.

Random Pictures

Just wanted to post a few pictures of our happenings:
This is Arya climbing from the little chair to the little table. She's quite the climber. I would've snapped a picture of her climbing on top of the toilet tank trying to get into the pedestal sink, but I didn't trust that I had enough time to grab my camera before she plummeted to the tile floor. She is definitely Luke's child. :)

Here's Arya smooching Aiden - Ron's youngest. Ron and Misty came up to see The Music Man and Aiden and Arya just smooched left and right. They were very, very cute.

Luke's Sister Marren who is a professsional hair and make-up artist was up visiting and helping with the remodeling of my mom's house. She did Lily's hair for church. I'd like to say it was for Easter, but it was just a regular Sunday and Marren had a lot of fun. She did such a GREAT job thta I just had to snap some pictures of it.