Monday, January 31, 2011

Seattle Chinese New Year

Last Saturday Seattle's International District put on a Chinese New Year Celebration. Chinese New Year is officially 2.3.2011 this year. The celebration was held at Hing Hay Park from 11am-4pm. Having never done this before, I had HIGH expectations and was really excited. Looking back, sure, I'm glad we at least checked it out, but let me say this: It was INSANE. They had a few booths that were intended for kids, but it was WAY too crowded to really enjoy it all as parents. The girls on the other hand had a lot of fun.
The part that I had REALLY wanted to do was the food walk. The concept of getting stamps while eating authentic chinese food for $2 and entering a contest sounded really fun. Unfortunately these really authentic restaurants were the fun holes in the wall that I would love to explore on my own, but not children and 50 other people trying to do the same. So, we ended up getting one thing - egg puffed waffles. I haven't had these babies since I was 7 in Taiwan and really wanted some. I stood in line for 30 min for 2 waffles but to me it was worth it and worth it to have the kids try it. We ended up eating at a chinese restaurant that was not participating in the food walk, but the food was still good.
Overall, I'm glad they did an event and that we decided to go... but we probably won't do this again with young children. :)

They had a fire truck there for kids to explore and climb on.

Then came the lion and dragon dance, which is always neat and fun to see.

Free face painting for children.

Craft table for kids to make things.

And the dressed up guy in the first picture was handing out red envelopes... unfortunately they only held candy and no money. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Michael's 2 Months Stats

I took Michael in for his check up last week and here were his stats:

12 lbs 5 oz (50-75%)
26" (100%+ off the charts!)
15 3/4" head circumference (50%)

Luke's reaction to this was that he's trying to populate the world with tall asians. :) I now have had a child that's 3 months behind in clothing size (Lily), a child that's right on in size (Arya) and a child that is 3 months ahead (Michael)!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arya Turns 3

My little Arya turned 3 on 1.15.2011. I can't believe how fast these little kids grow! On her birthday we had birthday pancakes (chocolate chip pancakes). That afternoon she wanted to go swimming so we all went to the YMCA for a little swim. Afterwards we went to the dollar store and she got to pick 5 things from the dollar store. I have to say, I LOVE our dollar store up here!! They have some really fun stuff for kids for $1!! We then went to a little Italian joint - Romios since Arya's favorite food is penne pesto with chicken. We ended her birthday right here at home with some fun present opening.
Arya is now 29 lbs (10-25%) and 37.5 inches (50-75%)
Thanks for all the pictures Ama!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Michael's Blessing

Michael Widdison Bailey was blessed on 12.29.2010 at the Bailey Home. It was such a wonderful and spiritual experience for all of us. We had a double blessing that day with Luke's sister's baby -Kamille. His blessing outfit was made by my uber talented mother. Thanks Mama Hsu!
All the men. Back row - Stuart Bailey, Uncle Matt Belliston, Grandpa Luke, Dad Bailey, Warren Bailey, Nick Bailey, Front row - Luke Bailey and Jeffrey Copeland.
The two daddys :)

This is what happens when you have christmas with 26 people....

The presents go all the way around the tree and then some....