Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Family Vacation Day 2

 The nice thing about having a place that has a full Kitchen is that you save a bunch of money on food.  The kids got up fairly early in the morning but that was ok because I had breakfast planned and ready to go.  We had a breakfast casserole and sticky buns in the morning that I was able to prepare the night before.  I didn't plan too much for us on Saturday because this is a vacation, and I didn't want to tire us all out that we'd need a vacation from vacationing afterwards. :)
 On the docket for Saturday was the Hoh Rain Forest, and that's it!  So, after breakfast I packed our lunches and then headed out.  Forks is really a GREAT location to stay at if you want to hit La Push and the Rain Forest.  It's only a 30-40 min drive to both destinations.  We did 2 hikes and ate lunch by the river on our second hike.  It was GORGEOUS and it smelled heavenly!  Nothing beats the fresh air of a rain forest!
 We were done by about 3pm and then headed back into town.  We hit a garage sale and got a box of whatever we wanted for $5 since it was the end of the day.  The girls got a giant bag of my little ponies, some books and we got Michael a bunch of little cars.  They were so excited.  We then hit the local grocery store, got some frozen pizzas and ice cream and ate dinner back at our rental.  The kids had a great time playing with all their new toys.  We showered them off that night and sent them all to bed by 8:30pm and Luke and I chilled out and watched a movie on TV.  Though I was pretty tired and crashed halfway through the movie. :)

 We had lunch by the river and the kids really enjoyed throwing rocks.

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