Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Tree Decorating

I am so behind on so many things but it's time to catch up! After we came home from Idaho it's been one thing after another; and then I was hit with a nasty cold!  I had a fever for 2 days and was a walking zombie for 7.  I'm finally up and about even though the cold is still lingering. 
Anyway, we bought our Christmas tree from the Yakima Fruit Market on 12/3.That day was jammed pack with music rehearsals and ward Christmas parties, etc., but by golly I wanted a tree in the house! It's a nice 8-9ft douglas fir.  We decorated the tree 3 days later on a Tuesday because that was the first time we had time together between rehearsals and performances.  (Luke had 2 stake performances with specialty group numbers; 2 ward parties and a RS performance).

We blasted Christmas music that Tuesday night.  The kids danced, played, and read while Luke put the lights on the tree.  Michael was mostly interested in a ball that he was playing with but there were times when he decided that he wanted to help daddy with the christmas lights. :o)  In the end we had LOTS of fun.  The tree is not perfectly balanced, but when you look at it, you know it was decorated with love.  I LOVE the holidays!

Michael balancing the ball he was playing with.  He had so much fun with it!  He was so adorable... but I pretty much think he's adorable all the time. :o)

The girls got to make some ornaments at one of the Christmas parties we attended.  They were VERY excited to hang them on the tree.

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