Friday, November 4, 2011

Caramel Apple Date

 Luke and I made these earlier this week for an "at home" date.  We were suppose to do it last weekend for our date night but we were both too tired.  We used the recipe for the caramel from one of my most favorite sites (you should know it by now) -  This caramel really is amazing!  Luke and I were both really surprised at how easy it was to make and dip in, and it tasted incredible.  We dipped the caramel apples in chocolate after and had an assortment of toppings - toffee bits, crushed walnuts, almond slices, crushed oreos and coconut flakes.  Then we drizzled the white chocolate on top.  My favorite toppings were the coconuts and the walnuts - definitely a must have although all of it together tasted really good too.  We made 14 total and shared these with our Home-Teaching and Visiting-Teaching families. 

The granny smiths are definitely the way to go.  The red ones were the much more inferior gala apples.  I wish we tried it with Honey Crisps because I think that would've been amazing!

I also wish we had some craisins because I think the red color would make it much more festive. 


  1. Those look delicious- minus the chocolate of course :) hehe.