Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This Halloween Lily wanted to be Rapunzel.  Her favorite princess is still Aurora, but Rapunzel is a close second. I think Rapunzel won the dress-up contest because her dress is purple (Lily's favorite color) and because she has long hair with flowers in it.  Arya wanted to be Cinderella (her favorite princess) though she did go back and forth between Cinderella and Snow White for a good while.  Luke and I decided that Michael should be Pooh because this kid is constantly eating!!!  Never stops!  We thought it'd be really cool if Luke can be tigger and I, Kanga, but... maybe next year... who knows.
We had our ward annual Trunk or Treat on Saturday along with a chili cook off and lots of fun activities.  Seriously the largest ward activity I have ever been to!!!  There were so many kids and so many activities - face painting, "gross touching," fish pond, cake walk, bean bag toss, doughnut eating, lollipop ghosts, and a few more rooms that we didn't even get to go to!  Then we had our Trunk or Treat and man there was a lot of candy!  The girls made a really good haul this year.  They filled their buckets to the top and then some.  But as usual, we let them pick out 10 pieces of candy and then confiscated the rest.  We in general give out the rest of the candy as rewards for being good for the next few months... and Luke and I get to eat them too. :).
Monday night was business as usual, we had 2 kids come trick or treating this year (our next door neighbors) and that was it.  Better than last year's ZERO.  I actually expected this from our experience last year so I bought the good chocolate candy from Costco for our Trunk or Treat on Sat, so now that's what we have left over. :o)

I think I should do Lily's hair like this every Sunday.

I've decided that he's the cutest Pooh Bear in the world.  Personal opinion.


  1. So cute!! Lily's hair looks great. And Michael is looking a lot like Arya in some of those pictures!

  2. Love the pictures and Michael is definitely the cutest Pooh Bear ever! :)

  3. Soooo fun!! And the pumpkins look fabulous too! Can hardly wait to see you guys----2 weeks from Saturday---yay!!

  4. I love Lily's hair! My daughter loves the purple dress and flower hair, too.

  5. Adorable! Especially the Pooh Bear. I agree-- definitely the cutest one I've seen. :)