Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Michael's First Birthday

November 10, 2011 was Michael's first birthday.  Now, you can think that I am a terrible parent because I felt like I was a horrid parent, but I accidentally scheduled a long, overdue girls night with my *FFF gals from high school that night.  Slight oversight.  So, we pushed back celebrating Michaels' birthday till the 14th because there were many scheduling conflicts that entire weekend.  We did it all on Monday, including his well-check appointment.  Michael is now over 21lbs, making it my first baby to be over 20 lbs at 1 year of age.  He is 75-90th % in height (making his daddy really proud who is trying to populate the world with tall Asians).  He received 3 shots on Monday and he was quite brave.
I made him a cute little bear cake.  It was suppose to be a nice brown bear but I couldn't get the frosting color quite right, (it kept reminding me of poop pardon my description).  I started adding in red and green, but that made it even worse! Lily suggested that I add in blue.  That made a really nice forest green color and we went with it.  But I really need to remember to allow time for the colors to settle and seep because we ended up with a black bear after an hour.  Brown, blue, green or black, it was still fun.  That night we played games centered around Michael (passing the ball, etc.) and then had cake.  He was a bit unsure about the cake and was poking at it till Luke got some frosting in his mouth.  He LOVED it!  Happy birthday my sweet, sweet boy! 


  1. GREAT pictures! What a cute boy! That bear cake looks awesome. Black bears a definitely cooler than brown bears. ;) And you are not a bad mom for taking some time for yourself. He doesn't know what day is which right now anyway, so who cares that you celebrated on a different day. It's how you celebrate that matters!

  2. I agree with Jeannie. So cute!