Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camping Trip #1 - Deception Pass

Earlier this year I decided that by-golly we are going to be a camping family! Luke and I both really enjoy camping and did it every summer before we had kids. So, this year I decided that we'd go on at least 2-3 camping trips. But, since we were dealing with varying schedules, pregnancies/births, etc. it all ended up being planned for the end of August. So starting this last weekend we will be camping 3 weekends in a row. :)

Our first is at Deception Pass. After stopping by during the Tulips Festival we decided that we HAD to go back. We got together with 2 other couples from church and did a Friday-Saturday thing. It was a bit chilly but no mosquitoes!

Now, back when I planned all this I didn't really think about being 6.5-7 months pregnant and sleeping on the ground with little foam pads. Let me tell ya, I don't recommend! This next weekend, I will definitely have air mattresses, even if it does have a small leak!

Luke, Lily and our friend Marty.

Our cute girls waiting for breakfast.

Arya wanted me to take a picture of her on the rock. :) We also had a croquet set and a few other lawn games that the others brought. It was quite fun for our girls and the adults.

Luke and the other boys had wet suits and took a dip in the really really cold ocean.

Boys being silly and jumping off rocks.

Girls picking up rocks and throwing them in the water.

Cranberry Lake - they have this really nice lake area for swimming. I thought it'd be way too cold to swim so didn't prepare for the girls. Live and learn! they got in the water carefully at first, but then eventually just got all wet in their clothes and played and built sand castles. Next year I will definitely have to bring all the swimming gear. This place is definitely going to be on the annual calendar! It was so pretty and so much fun!

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