Friday, September 10, 2010

Craft Project #3-5

I've always wanted a Pooh-themed nursery. I know, generic and totally non-original, but I like Pooh Bear and the Hundred Acre Wood!
However, I was NOT about to spend oodles of money on a crib set to fulfill my desire, so I decided to make a basic set for myself. This past week I made 3 things - pillow case, sheet and blanket. So what if they aren't all made of the same fabric, I made it and it works for me! :)

I found this SUPER EASY tutorial on how to make cute pillow cases online. Anyone can do this - you just have to sew 3 straight lines! Here's the link:

I made the cuff on the sheet the same way as the pillow case cuff.
The baby blanket wasn't a total success - a few things here and there aren't exactly lined right and didn't work out the way I had hoped because I tried to take a short cut instead of doing it like a quilt. Oh well, it's still cute and soft. The corners of the blanket has the same fabric as the sun/moon trim on the pillow case so it does kind-of all tie together.
All together - Viola!


  1. I think you'll be the only one noticing negative things about these :). They're adorable!!

  2. I agree with Luke. As the maker, you know all you did wrong but we only see the finished product and it does look cute.

  3. Love the Pooh theme :) Max used that theme for Ming Wai's first room- I found a piece of fabric with great big pictures of vintage-looking Winnie the Pooh characters, and she cut them all out and used spray starch to stick them to the wall. It was sweet! Nice too, because it's not TOO girly or boyish, just very sweet :) Good luck in the rest of your pregnancy!

  4. they're absolutely adorable! Way to go....
    love mom B