Monday, August 16, 2010

Craft Project #2

When I was pregnant with Arya I got the "nesting instinct." I was super clean and prepared for her arrival about a month and a half before she was born - I mean 2 months worth of diapers stocked, everything laid out, etc. Well, I think the "nesting instinct" has kicked in again, except instead of just cleanliness/readiness, I got this whole art/craft thing going. I've been painting the babyroom and the girls' room AND decided I was going to make most of the decorations in those rooms too. Call me crazy.

So here is project #2. I've seen things like this at Deseret Book for a price tag that seemed too high for something so simple. So, I went and got some scrapbook paper, ribbon, and a frame and viola! I was able to print the lettering off of our own printer and it was a couple hours of pure fun for me. I'll be posting more projects as I finish them!


  1. I like it! But what if you have more girls down the road? How are you going to fit their names on it? ;P