Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Moment of TOTAL and COMPLETE Immaturity

Our stake had stake conference today. The church building was packed and the meeting was spiritual and wonderful. Our children were amazingly good and did very well during the whole session.
Since we were sitting in the gym we had our hymns printed on paper for us. One of the rest hymns that we sang was #89 "The Lord is My Light." There was a typo on the paper in one of the verses and it read "The Lord is my light, the Lord is 'mu' strength." Luke and I both made the concious decision to sing what was typed. Haha, we thought it was funny and hilarious that we made the same decision.
What followed after, was complete hysteria on my part where I could not control myself for the life of me. Luke recovered just fine and was able to sing perfectly after his momentary chuckle, but me, no, I could not control myself! I kept thinking about the phrase, "the Lord is MU strength." MU STRENGTH! I was so bad that I could not sing anymore for the life of me and tears flowed as I tried to bring my laughter under control.
I chuck this whole thing up to a moment of total and complete immaturity, insanity and hysteria on my part. But, it really was kinda funny. :)

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  1. That is the BEST kind of laughter, when you're not supposed to laugh. LOVE that story and love you!