Monday, August 9, 2010

Copy Cat

After seeing my sis-in-law's finished product in action, I just had to copy her. These carseat canopies are cute and easy to make. What can I say, it called out to my creative genes. I have to admit though, this took a LOT longer for me than for Mags - probably a good 4 hours on my end but that's partly because I had to remember how to use my sewing machine again. :)

It was really hard to find uber cute boy fabric! This was the best I could do at Joann's, though I really wish they had a better selection for boys!!!

One a side note, my girls LOVE this thing and have been putting dolls and stuffed animals in the carseat and rocking it and singing to it. Fun all around!


  1. SUPER cute! Wish I had that sewing talent!

  2. I am not faster than you. If I actually paid attention to details like you do, it would have taken me much, MUCH longer. I'm glad you found it useful enough to make.

  3. I think it's fabulous! Thanks for following my tutorial!