Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Vacations

Lest you think we didn't do anything fun this summer because of the wedding, here's a recap of our vacations. At the end of June the girls went down to Pocatello for "Grandma Camp" for 6 days. Luke and I went then followed them down there to spend a week with the family and celebrate the 4th of July. The girls absolutely loved grandma camp. They got to go swimming, visit great grandparents, visit the Idaho Falls Temple, visit the zoo, watch movies, go horseback riding, and have homemade ice cream by grandpa almost every night. Who wouldn't love that?!

Fireworks: the Bailey family pooled all their money together with grandpa Luke and we bought roughly $1400 of fireworks for, I believe, $550. Talk about a crazy show. We were able to light them off at Grandpa Luke's property and it was a BLAST... hahaha... blast. The above shows a little bit of what we did on the 4th of July. The Baileys have friends that have a "pond" in Idaho that made themselves. The pond has a water slide, slip and slide, rope swing, zipline, and lots of canoes. On top of that, they have a nice little kiddie train and a candy cannon. We spent most of the day there and then went to grandpa's for fireworks at night.

Next, we have a sister named Chris. We LOVE her. She joined the Bailey clan last Labor day weekend. Luke and I first met her in December. Anyway, after our week in Pocatello, we invited her to come back up to Washington with us to spend the rest of her summer here. So she did. Since we had a guest, we decided to do a little bit of traveling and vacationing. First up was Leavenworth. I sure do love that place. It was quite the last minute trip for us so we decided to camp just outside of the main street and then spent a whole day playing in town. We really loved the fun hat shop they had and so there's lots of pictures of that.

Lastly, we took a trip up to Vancouver, BC. Chris has never been to Canada so we really couldn't miss that opportunity. We stayed in New Westminster because it was another last minute trip, and because all of Vancouver was booked that weekend due to the international fireworks competition (which we couldn't go because it starts at 10pm and with kids in tow...). The first night we went to china town and the night market. That was a lot of fun. Night markets always have the best food and though this one doesn't compare to the actual thing in China and Taiwan, it was still fun and the food was great. The next day we spent all day at Stanley Park. We could've spent 3 days at Stanley Park if we wanted to, there was just so much to do! We went to the beach first, then the water spray park, and lastly the aquarium. We were able to catch the beluga whale show and the dolphin show. We didn't know we were sitting in the splash zone at the whale show until the show started. So the angry face Lily has on at the bottom left corner, that's when she got splashed by the whale. The next day we went hiking... can't remember where... but there was a suspension bridge and it's not the Capilano. We had originally wanted to go to Capilano but Luke did some research and found that it was too expensive and too touristy. So we went to another place that had some fun trails and a suspension bridge for free. :) We concluded our trip by visiting the Vancouver Temple.


  1. I love Lily's pouting at getting wet.

  2. reading this post made me cry! It was the best summer ever...that's for sure! We have a lot of amazing memories. I sure do miss you guys, a LOT!!!

  3. I was impressed at the wedding you pulled off BEFORE reading that you also worked two vacations in. You're Superwoman!