Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Prep - Cake and Cupcakes

Yes, I did the wedding cake and all 72 cupcakes. Call me crazy. I wanted to for various reasons and one of them was so that I could control how the cupcakes were done. The wedding cake was to save money and I wanted to see if I could do it. Looking back I probably should've given in and used fondant or marzipan so that the cake looked smooth, but let me tell ya, this frosting is DIVINE. It's a whipped cream/cream cheese frosting and it is so dang good.
Anyway, I had 3 types of cupcakes - white raspberry cake with raspberry filling, lemon cake with blueberry filling, and chocolate cake with cream filling.
For the wedding cake, my mom wanted lemon and then I filled the layers with strawberries, peaches and the delightful frosting mentioned above. I have to say, I was quite proud. Misty's mom helped me do the flowers on the cake. I did the top part and then wasn't quite sure how to make it trickle down, so then she was able to show me how to do that and had me finish up all the way around the cake. She is so fabulous!


  1. They look beautiful! And I would vote for good tasting frosting over perfectly smooth frosting every time!

  2. Um, after seeing all these wedding posts I have to say you ARE crazy! But also AMAZING!!! I can't believe you did all this. You are so super talented. Ditto what Tami said: taste over look anytime. Plus it looks good in the picture, so way to go! Also, I would love that recipe for the heavenly frosting please! GREAT WORK!!