Friday, August 12, 2011

Wedding Day!

So, here's the overall picture of the wedding. We had orchids as center pieces for the tables along with photos of families scattered on the tables. The lovely flower arrangement on the arch and piano was done by Misty's mom - Penny. Misty and I were able to find fake ficus trees and nice sheer purple curtains for our decorations at value village and goodwill, etc. Let me tell ya, I'm a HUGE fan of value village and goodwill now. I bought my lovely purples dress from Goodwill for $12 and Misty got hers at value village for roughly the same price. We were able to borrow the columns and the picket fences from people in my mom's ward and it's amazing what you can do with some christmas lights and tulle. My sister-in-law, Blythe Bailey was willing to do all the wedding photos, Luke was my designated pianist for the wedding/reception, and he provided lovely music the entire time.

Here's a picture of the happy couple with all their children except 1 - Spencer Terry.
The petal dresses that the girls are wearing have been in 3 weddings now. It was first purchased in 2009 by Mom Bailey for our sister, Rachel's, wedding. I noticed that the dresses have a little pocket in the back that allows me to switch out the petals, so we've been able to use them for many occassions. All I have to do is switch the petals and buy matching ribbons for a sash and I swear it's a whole new dress. They are so pretty!

My mom wanted a musical performance instead of toasts, and bouquet tosses, etc. So we put together a 15-20 min musical program for them. All the grandchildren sang "I am a Child of God." Ethan and Mei-Ling Hsu performed on the piano, Zeke's whole family sang "Army of Helaman," I did a flute number and Luke sang a solo, and then all of the children of the bride and groom got together last minute and sang "Love at Home."
I set out a tip glass for Luke on the piano but he only made $1. It was kind-of funny. I'd like to say that the wedding is behind me, but now Blythe and I are working on editing the photos. I'm just glad that it'll probably be a year or two before I have to do another wedding. Luke still has 6 siblings that are unmarried and who knows, by the time we're done with siblings getting married I'm sure we'll be on to nieces and nephews. Maybe by the time my own children are getting married I'll be a pro.


  1. You are already pro. Maybe you should hope that they get less stressful. Then you would be like Penny; she's amazing!

  2. Wow, you did a great job. Maybe you should hire yourself out!

  3. You should definitely charge next time! Congrats to Mom!