Monday, October 11, 2010

Mini Autumn Get-Away

For the last month Luke has been working a lot of over-time due to the sale of his company. His boss was really nice in recognizing that factor and decided to give him 2 days off of work for him to rest, etc. Well, I couldn't pass up a 4 day weekend! I've been feeling rather antsy lately - wanting to take off and go before our little baby joins us and turns our lives upside down.

So, we decided to take a spare-of-the-moment mini-vacation to Leavenworth!! We went last Thursday morning, spent 1 night, and came back Friday. We had a FABULOUS time! The girls LOVED our little vacation and kept telling Luke and I "thank you" and how much they loved us. It was sweet.

The place we stayed at had the BEST heated outdoor pool (86 degrees!) I have ever been to. It was warmer to be in the water than to stand outside before we got in. We also watched a movie with the girls, ate lots of German/Bavarian food, took the trolley, rode on the carriage, shopped a bit, played mini-golf, visited the arcade and got so many tickets that the girls each got brown bags loaded with fun princess things - bracelets, crowns, candy, hair things, etc. It was definitely a fun-filled time! I can't wait to do something like this again. :)

Lily enjoying swimming by herself with a life-vest.
Arya riding on Luke's back. She did really well hanging on and had lots of fun!
Outside our Inn/Resort.
The Kris Kringle store.

Mini-golf at our resort.
Arcade place - we scored a great deal on tokens and mini-golf combined so we got to enjoy a lot of what the resort had to offer.

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