Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Summer Painting Projects

This Summer I painted a couple rooms in my house. I liked the colors that the previous owner had, but I wanted to make this house mine. So, as soon as I found out what we were having, I started in on the baby room. I took a before picture of the baby room but for the life of me can't find it anywhere on my computer or my camera. So, just a brief discription - the room had nothing but the changing table and the crib when I first started and the room was painted completely green - the color of the bottom of the room. I kept the green cuz I thought it'd work well. Here's the finish product. So Pretty much I added the white strip in the middle and painted the top part blue.
We then added the rocking chair and instead of a dresser, I used our old book case and some storage baskets that the previous owners left in the bathroom to put all the baby clothes in.

I still plan on putting up stars and pooh bear stuff on the walls... but still haven't gotten around to that just yet....
Here's the girls' room. The room was pretty plain - just the basic khaki color and I didn't have anything up on the walls.
Here's the finish product. I did a pink/brown theme with the castle mural.

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  1. That castle is incredible! You are amazing. The rooms look great! Want to come do mine?