Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Taiwan Day 4 Night - Vegetarian Buffet

 After we chatted at my little aunt's place, we walked to a really famous vegetarian buffet.  My grandma is vegetarian and has been for many years.  When Ron and Misty were in Taiwan with their kids, they went to this same buffet and were SO impressed.  Ron's exact words were, "with dishes like these, I can be vegetarian.  Every single picture you see here is a vegetarian dish, but I tell ya, it sure tasted like chicken, pork and sashimi. Normally you're not allowed to take pictures of their food, but since I was "from America" they said it was ok. :o)
I wasn't hungry when we arrived, but I ate anyway.  My uncle kept telling me to take it slow.  They had custom order noodle soups that are amazing.  They put together the basic soup for you, and then you're suppose to add your own sauce and garnish.  Since I had no idea what I was doing, the chef came around and put together my bowl of soup for me and it tasted fantastic.  I was pretty much done after the bowl of soup, but of course, I was at a buffet and I had to keep eating.  My uncle would tell me to take a walk around the restaurant 3 times so I can eat more.  So, I would and then get like 1 bite of food to eat. Then he said, "you should go to the bathroom, it's right over there, then you can eat some more."  HAHAHA, not joking.  I still laugh when I think about it.  The crazy thing is, the buffet kept changing as the night progressed.  Food that we had when we arrived were replaced by new dishes so I couldn't try them all.  Maybe if you go 5-6 times and try 1 bite of everything, then maybe just maybe, you can try everything they have to offer.
Needless to say, I stuffed myself silly, and we were there for a good long time so that I could eat and try everything my aunt/uncle/grandma wanted me to try.  It was all very good. 

 Seriously tasted like the real thing!  It was crazy!

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  1. Okay yeah I could be a vegetarian there too. Although I have to say, your uncle's comment freaked me out just a little. I think he needs to read The Hunger Games...