Monday, January 9, 2012

Michael's First Haircut

 As you can see from the Christmas photos, Michael was in need of a hair cut.  I cut Luke's hair on a fairly regular basis, but I had no idea how to cut Michael's hair.  Over the holidays, a friend of Luke's - Thomas, and his two boys stayed with us for 3 days.  I actually met Thomas first at the Seattle Institute of Religion while Luke was on his mission.  It was fun to be later introduced to Thomas by Luke as one of Luke's close friends growing up.  Having 2 boys in his family, Thomas mentioned that he could cut Michael's hair and show me how to do it while he was at our house.  I jumped at the offer.  Turned out to be a fairly simple process with clippers and some Gerber Graduate Puffs.  I think we used #8, 5, and 3 to give him a nice fade.  I love his silly face in the first picture.  We decided that maybe the clippers were tickling his head.  He was so funny.

Luke gave it a try at the end and finished up.  Following that, Luke cut his own hair.  The first time he did that was in Utah and that didn't end well.  However, this time he actually did a good job!  I should've taken a picture of him, but by the time I was done bathing the kids he had finished.  I'm also realizing that I never got a "finished" shot of Michael.  Oh well, I'll be taking pictures soon when we celebrate Arya's birthday this weekend.  I'll post pictures of Michael's new do then. :o)


  1. All of our boys laughed at the buzzer from tickling. There is an easier way to fade without all the clipper head changes. If you ever want to learn, my mom can show you. It's much faster.

  2. That looks nice. He is good to let you all cut his hair. Arya's birthday present will arrive later - near the end of the month :).

  3. How does he look so happy? Damian always screams at me, even now, even when I give him sugary treats. :-) PS, I love your background with the birds!