Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Morning

Luke's family has a Christmas Pajamas tradition.  From the year I was engaged to Luke I received Christmas jammies from his parents.  Can you imagine making 20+ jammies every year?! Three years ago Mom decided that those who are married needed to take care of their own Christmas jammies - smart lady. :o) 

For Christmas 2011 the theme was Reindeer.  Can I just say that I'm uber proud of myself?  The pants are made out of fleece, and I will never go back to flannel.  LOVE fleece!  The shirts I did a combination of things: the Reindeer face was made out of felt; the names were done with fabric paint and the freezer paper stencil method.  Method can be found at: http://www.makeit-loveit.com/.  I was cursing myself while cutting these tiny curly letters out with an exacto knife, but they turned out SO WELL!  We had Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and Rudolph - and no, I'm not planning on having enough kids to have the other 4 reindeer. 
 Arya was really excited when they received a note from Santa next to the empty plate of cookies.
 Candy canes from Santa in our stockings! This picture shows one of the reasons why I married this man - he's so entertaining!

Arya really liked the bracelet from Ama. :)

 Michael got a fun little rider and the girls really enjoy pushing him around the house.  Yes, I know, I agree, the snot on Michael's face is disgusting.

Santa knew that Michael really likes Gerber's Graduate Puffs. This kid downed a whole container within 4 hours of receiving it. 
And look what Santa brought me!!!  I saw these on Black Friday and LOVED them.  However, Shopko only had 1 box left at the store (Dishes for only 4 ppl) and they were all sold out online.  I then told myself that I didn't need them even though many of our inexpensive dinnerware are chipped and on their way out.  I must've been a good girl this year! :o)  These are OVEN SAFE!!!!!!!  Merry Christmas to me!
 PS. If anyone is curious, these are called Soho Dinnerware and they can be found at Walmart for cheaper than Shopko's Black Friday deal. :o)


  1. Can I be as pretty as you when I grow up? Or maybe I'll settle for being as talented as you...love the jammies!!

  2. Love the jammies. I thought about making matching pajamas, then decided I should stick with what I'm good at - finding them on a really incredible sale!

  3. Great job on the pjs, they look great! And I'm glad you were still Vixen :) after all these years.

  4. Good job on pjs. Great pics - but I will see them in person soon. Surprise?! I can post a comment on your blog now, because I subscribed to blog but I need your help to make it prettier -- soon.

  5. Mary, you are beautiful and WAY more talented than I am. And Christy, I still have the first Vixen shirt, hehe. :)