Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arya's Birthday

 Arya turned 4 on the 15th of this month.  I know we all say this, but I really can't believe how fast time has flown by!  It snowed four years ago when she was born; not a lot, but enough to make the world beautiful.  This year, Heavenly Father gave her the gift of snow and LOTS of it! 
Since her birthday landed on a Sunday, we divided the celebration in half .  We went swimming on Saturday and took her to the dollar store to get her 5 things + birthday balloon (our birthday tradition), and had some Pizza that night.  Church was cancelled on Sunday due to snow, so we ended up having lots of fun playing in it, followed by her favorite dinner - Chicken Penne Pesto, and cake.  It was a fabulous birthday weekend.

Coming down our home-made sled run.  More pictures to come!
 Arya wanted a Cinderella Cake, so I tried.  I wanted to play with Marzipan this time to see how that would work.  It's a bit expensive, but it worked well!  I could've rolled it better and done it better, but I was tired from playing in the snow and layering the cake (yes the cake was layered too with fruit & frosting), and making dinner, etc. But at least I know that I can do it and do it nice if I had the time/patience.  Too bad the girls thought it tasted funny and didn't like it, but Luke and I enjoyed it!
Happy Birthday Arya!


  1. Beautiful sledding pictures, and I love the marzipan dress!!

  2. Wow, you've really channeled your inner artist into these cake things. Very impressive. I actually had to look at the pictures twice because I couldn't figure out why you just took a picture of a doll with no cake... Love that first picture of your cute cute girl.