Friday, March 25, 2011

A New Phase In Life

Last Saturday went like this:

1 am: feed michael
4am: feed michael
7am: feed michael (he's been having issues sleeping through the night lately)
8am: get up and made waffles with homemade berry sauce (delish!)
9am: dishes
9:30am: bathe girls and fold laundry at the same time
10:00am: bathe michael and feed him
10:30am: huh, the weather's nice, lets do some yard work
11:30am: time for lunch! Made lunch for everyone and then cleaned up
1:30pm: feed michael
2:00pm: made lemon cream cheese bars for primary talent show, and friend comes over to visit and help with yard work
2:45pm: back out doing yard work
4:00pm: feed michael and start dinner and Ama comes to visit for the talent show
5:30pm: eat dinner and get ready to go to talent show
6:00pm: feed michael
6:45pm: arrive at church
8:30pm: arrive at home and get kids in bed
9:00pm: Feed michael and put him down, breather and movie
11:00pm: bedtime!

And then I realized that this is just how life is almost every day, and my life has just gotten crazy! BUT, like my mother-in-law's song says - "I'm gonna do it all and ENJOY it to the end!"


  1. Super mama! Yikes, the feedings! I feel like it's finally getting more manageable now. Hopefully, you'll get there soon!