Sunday, April 3, 2011

The War Against Moles

Pretty much as soon as we moved into our house the moles took over our yard. We researched, got advice from people, and thereafter bought some traps. For a year the traps we got didn't work and our yard turned into a mole village. So, with renewed determination, Luke got back on the internet, did more research and purchased new traps. Yesterday he went out to check and TA DA! One mole down in our war against moles! Here's hoping for more!


  1. Hooray for your victory!!! You are some of the lucky ones. Care to share your methods? Colin has declared war again, but it looks futile since our backyard is right next to a big empty field. Our luscious lawn is just too tempting...

  2. GREAT picture. That's totally what you had in mind when you bought that new camera, isn't it? Tell Luke he rocks ;)

  3. It might have just been luck on the mole capture, but we'll see in a few more weeks if we get more! Good luck to Colin and if we have more success I'll definitely let you know! And Chris, YES, definitely what I had in mind. :)