Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Happy Melancholy State

Seven years ago I met Luke's sister Marren. Marren and Jeff got married 1 week before us and we hardly knew eachother back then. Soon thereafter Luke and I moved to Utah in order for me to finish Law School and Marren and Jeff were also in Utah since Marren was going to BYU for her undergrad degree. I was nervous at first, thinking that Marren and I were somewhat different and I didn't really know how to be her friend/sister. But, that soon changed and after 2 years Luke and I call Marren and Jeff our "best framily" - a combination of best friends and family. I couldn't have been more grateful for such an amazing relationship.

For the last 12 days Marren and Jeff were here. We each have 3 children now and things are a bit more crazy because of it, but we still had so much fun. It's always so hard to say goodbye to them and we never seem to get enough of eachother regardless of how much time we spend together. I just saw them drive off 5 minutes ago and I miss them so much already that it's put me in a bit of a melancholy state. But since the melancholy state is caused by such love and happiness, I think it's quite worth it. Once again, I'm so grateful for such an amazing relationship. Thank you Marren and Jeff for coming up and playing with us for 12 days!!! We love you guys SO MUCH. Can't wait to see you again!

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