Monday, June 14, 2010

Who Would Have Thought - I Found a Purpose for Beer!

So, throughout HS and College I've had friends who drank beer. I've asked them what it tastes like and why they drink it and most often than not they say it's an acquired taste and they enjoy it for the affects. Apparently some beer tastes better than others - cheap beer tastes like urine and others not so much, but all far from a Jamba Juice Smoothy. To me, it's a big fat waste of money and brain cells... until now!!!

So, when I returned home to my completely eaten garden, I got the advice that beer attracts and drowns slugs. So, on Sat my mom and I went to the store and bought a six pack of beer. I felt extremely self-conscious but was excited to try it out.

We went out to my garden and replanted EVERYTHING that night. I still had some starter melons, peppers and tomatoes in pods so those were transplanted and I started a bunch of new seeds. I then proceeded to set up 4 beer traps in plastic containers set into the ground around my garden. After 2 days I have successfully killed 7 slugs and nothing has been eaten in my garden!!!

Conclusion - I LOVE BEER! It's the most effective slug killer I've seen! So, for those of you having slug trouble in your garden, I highly recommend going out and buying some beer. :)


  1. So can I have you call my husband and convince him that it's OK for me to buy beer? :) Last year I tried a homemade concoction of water, yeast, and was really, really vile. Hooray for slug traps that work!

  2. Beer trap! That phrase made me laugh out loud!! Also when you said I LOVE BEER! Ha ha ha ha. Now you can use your leftovers to bake my favorite chocolate cake:

    Glad you found something that will actually work after all your gardening efforts.

  3. LOL you are awesome! Wow, that is quite a post. "I love beer." It does have its purposes, but love??!

  4. That's awesome and hilarious! :)