Monday, June 28, 2010

Lily's 4th Birthday Bash

Lily had her 4th birthday on the 23rd and we threw her a small party on Sunday. We had Luke's oldest brother, Nick and his wife and youngest son, Zeke and his two oldest boys since Maggie was at home resting, my parents, and a family that Luke and I really like in the ward come over.

Lily had a GREAT time. We had a BBQ with LOTS and LOTS of food - bruchetta, stuffed mushrooms, spinach artichoke dip, oysters, fruits coming out of our ears and a home-made cake that actually turned out pretty darn good. :) I spent 4 hours cooking right before we BBQ'd and my feet, ankles and calves were super swollen by the end of the night, but it sure was fun!!

I can't believe my little girl is already 4! We sure love and appreciate the sweet, thoughtful girl she is. She's SUPER into princesses and her favorite is Sleeping Beauty. She made quite the haul and has been playing with all her presents in turn ever since she got them. Thanks to everyone that made the party so fun and special for my darling girl!

Wearing the fun fairy skirts and shoes that aunt Maggie made and bought her.
Super excited about a princess book with little figures and a map to play on from my mom. She actually got some really fun polly pocket princess things from Luke's mom while we were down in ID and she had the exact same facial expression for that present as well.
Excited to finally get her Sleeping Beauty movie that she's wanted since February. :)


  1. She looks great in that skirt :). And you look great too!

  2. Glad she had a great birthday!!!! My little Ming Wai will be four in September, and she LOVES Sleeping Beauty. She has the book memorized...

    Happy birthday, Lily!

  3. Haha!! Ok, if you are going to say anything about swollen feet and such, maybe you need a blog post explaining why.....I'm glad she liked the skirts.

  4. Sounds like a fabulous party with some GOOD eats! Happy Birthday, Lily!! I can't believe she's already four...

  5. Eileen, that cake looks go-od!