Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gardening and the Gospel

Last year my sis-in-law Marren and I were talking and she mentioned that one gains a new appreciation and understanding of Alma 32 in the Book of Mormon on the analogy of faith and planting seeds when she started gardening. I completely agree!

I've already spent roughly 20 hours total in my garden - I tilled it, dunged it, nourished it, tried hard to keep bugs, slugs, and deer away. I've recently returned from a 10-day trip in Idaho and my entire yard/garden has been destroyed. it's surprising how much damage can be done in 10 days, but it made me reflect on what happens to our spiritual lives when we neglect our daily spiritual nourishment for 10 days.

So now, instead of giving up, which a part of me really wants to, I'm going to start over again and make my garden stronger and better than the first time. I compare this to the whole repentance process, and renewing my faith in the gospel. I've made mistakes in my time and have become stronger and better for it. I know better now how to take care of my garden. I understand the whole process better and am determined to have a plentiful harvest in the next few months. I have also renewed my determination to nourish my spiritual life more each day so that "slugs, bugs, weather, deer, etc." won't destroy me when they come attacking.


  1. Oh dear!! You have a good attitude :) (Wow...didn't mean that to be a terrible, terrible pun. But it is.)

  2. Just beautiful, Eileen. Love you!!