Sunday, November 11, 2012

Michael's Birthday

 There's been a lot that has gone on in the Bailey household since my post on Lily's birthday.  A Bailey women's retreat at Park City, Utah followed by a 7 day stay in ID, a cousin wedding, watching two of my nieces for a week, family coming in and out of town, YM's High Adventure, a Hsu family vacation to Mtn. Rainier, a mini Leavenworth getaway for my birthday with just Luke and I, school starting, Fall festivities with lots of pumpkin fun, developing varicose veins due to pregnancy, diagnosed with gestational diabetes, becoming involved in the stake choir/orchestra for a Veteran's Day celebration, Luke and I both committing to singing in the Forgotten's Carol choir for the show the day before Thanksgiving up here in Seattle, and now Michael's Birthday.  There are lots of fun pictures that will remind me of these hectic days, however, I will probably not be posting on these events that have already occurred.
 Yesterday was Michael's 2nd birthday.  The morning started out with double rehearsals for Luke and I, however, we made sure that he still had a very special day.  We came home shortly before lunch and decided to take the family out to Jack in the Box.  I know, not healthy nor very celebratory, but we got him a shake and since we rarely go to fast food restaurants it was fresh and fun for him.  Afterwards we came home and I decorated his cake.  So, nothing superbly fancy with different shapes, nor was it perfect, but it was still fun and Michael LOVED it.  He loves trains. :)
 That night Luke mentioned that the Spanish branch invited our family to their ward Latino celebration for the evening, so we decided to go and check it out.  Luke made friends with some of the members of the ward over a year and a half ago at a baptism and have been playing volleyball with them once a week ever since.  The celebration was WONDERFUL!  There were LOTS of yummy authentic dishes (some we haven't even heard of or tried before) and the people were so friendly.  After we had dinner they put on an amazing show full of fun traditional dances.  Michael absolutely loved the dancing.  Then there was a really amazing band and they were so incredibly talented.  We had to leave after just 1 song played by the band, which was unfortunate, but it was already 8:30pm.  So we came home and had cake and Michael opened his present.
 Poor Michael doesn't have very many boy toys.  He's been playing tea set and dress up and we've just felt really bad.  So, we got him something that we thought he'd enjoy.  It was a hit, the boy absolutely LOVES it!    Happy Birthday to my bundle of joy!  You might be a crazy little kid, but you sure make me smile. :)

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