Friday, October 21, 2011

My Budding Artist: Lily

 It appears that Lily really enjoys drawing! I think she did a fabulous job, don't you?  

I have to give her props for this picture on the left. It's mixed media and I think it's AMAZING.  The princesses were done with stamps, but their stamp pad dried out, so instead, Lily decided to use water color on the stamp. The result is quite beautiful. I love how each princesses' colors are all what they should be Belle - brown hair, yellow dress, Tiana - green, etc. Then she decided to draw a castle for the princesses to live in, color it in with crayon, then paint over it. Let me tell you, she did this ALL by herself, including the bird!! I had no idea what she was doing until I saw it the next morning. I think we have another artist in the family!!!


  1. Hey, those are pretty good! Like mother like daughter. So fun!