Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cake Decorating

I've been wanting to take a cake decorating class for a while and last month when Michael's had a deal where tuition and student kits were 50% off I decided to go ahead and sign up for the Wilton's Basic's class. It's a 4 week course and it was a lot of fun!!! I'm so glad I did it and now I have yet another skill to play around with. :) I just can't help myself sometimes.

The first week we learned about frosting - how to make it, what consistency is good for what, how to fill a bag and pipe it, etc. Then we got to decorate some cookies.

The second week we brought an 8" cake and learned out to "torte" it which basically means cut it in half, fill the middle, and frost the entire cake. We also learned about coloring and dimensional decorating and that was pretty fun.

The third week we decorated cupcakes and learned about some basic flowers - rosettes, shaggy mums, drop flowers, leaves, etc.

And for the final class we did another 8" cake and learned how to do the basic Wilton rose, lettering and how to design a cake. I had SO SO SO MUCH fun doing this. The unfortunate thing so far that I've learned though is that good tasting frosting doesn't look as good as yucky tasting frosting. So, I'm still in the search for one that will do both. I'm also very curious as to how the asian whipped cream frostings will work so that will be my next experiment.

I'm just happy that I've already been able to put my new skills to use for Lily's birthday and I can't wait to decorate more cakes!


  1. Good for you! What a fun skill to have. I also took a course and enjoyed it. But I totally agree about the frosting-- yuck!

    Your decorations look great. Can't wait to see what other creations you come up with!

  2. What fun! Cake decorating is one of those final frontiers that I haven't been brave enough to try yet. These look beautiful!