Saturday, May 14, 2011


My grandma, aka Atai, was here visiting us from Taiwan this last week. She's 88, healthy and happy. Although she's strong and amazing, this is probably her last time visiting us in the States. She was only here for one week, so every day I went over to my dad's house to be with her and visit with her.
When I was a kid, Atai loved hiking with us and would take us to many different places in Taiwan. She really enjoys nature and she especially loves flowers. Knowing this, I took her to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens this last week. I got some great shots of her and the girls. Michael was sleeping in the stroller the whole time we were there so he missed out on the mini photo shoot. I did learn that it's really hard to take cute candid shots when you're pushing a stroller, trying to keep up with the kids, but not loose Atai at the same time. :)
I'm so glad I got to be with her this last week. When we moved to the states we became further and further apart from her relationship wise, but in the last couple of years I have tried really hard to re-establish that relationship and it's been so worth it. She's such a fun lady and so fun to be around. She gave all of her great-grandchildren Taiwanese dollars this trip for them to use when they visit her in Taiwan. Hopefully we'll be able to do that soon!

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