Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Curling Hair Without Heat

A few weeks ago a friend had posted on FB a link to Youtube of how to curl hair with a sock bun. The amazing sock bun curled hair beautifully on the Youtube girl and makes one wish that one had long hair. Well, I tried the sock bun on Lily... and yes, it made pretty curls but a lot of the hair had fallen out of the sock bun and didn't work as well for her. So, I ragged her hair and it made these gorgeous curls on her and it was so easy! It takes me all of 5 min at night, then she sleeps in the rags, and next morning - poof! Beautiful curls!
Now... having had success with Lily's hair, I decided to try it out on myself. Sorry, NO pictures because it turned out CRAZY on me! Most of you know I have incredibly thick, coarse hair and LOTS of it. I have to admit, some of the curls were really pretty and if my hair was longer, maybe, but I had quite the fro going. So, not so much for me, but I sure LOVE it on Lily!
So, all you do is take some rags - cut up a shirt or fabric of some sort in strips - better if it's a little stretchy. Then take a portion of damp hair (NOT wet, just sprayed damp, needs to dry over night), roll it in the rag and tie it when you've rolled it up. Google "how to curl hair with rags" and you'll get the proper Youtube vids.


  1. So pretty!!! I love your colorful rags. I've done this with our daughters using the toilet paper method -- much less glamorous. I did it when I was a kid. I should get some nice looking fabric like you use!

  2. I am wondering if you took the picture of yourself and didn't show us or didn't take a picture at all? I want to see Afro Eileen! ;-)

  3. I'm happy to find your blog, and have so enjoyed looking at the pictures of Michael's blessing, etc. I LOVE seeing family pictures. You have a beautiful family, and a beautiful blog!
    We miss you!
    Aunt Rosemary

  4. I recognize that fabric... :-) Cute curls! I still need to try it.