Sunday, April 11, 2010

Deception Pass

We had the opportunity to stop by Deception Pass yesterday! Luke was telling me that we should take my mom to Anacortes and see the "big bridge where the water is" since we were at the Tulips Festival in Mount Vernon. I had NO idea what he was talking about at the time since I had only been to Deception Pass once before with the Institute Choir. But, I figured, why not -water, big bridge, sounds like fun for the girls. So after the Tulips Festival we headed out to Anacortes and we saw the big brown signs pointing to Deception Pass. I was DELIGHTED to find out that we were going there and showing my mom a beautiful state park! Too bad my dad had to leave to go to work after we left the Tulips Festival. We had fun and the girls did GREAT hiking down these narrow steep paths. We will definitely be coming back here to do some family camping next year! More pictures on my FB.

Luke being Luke.

He hiked down this really steep trail hanging on a tree to get out on the rock where he found some mini tide pools

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  1. Love it there. Glad you guys had such a good time. Gorgeous pictures!