Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Last year I made just one new year resolution. I've made lots of resolutions in the past with it all fizzing out by the end of January so last year I decided to take just one baby step. I'm proud to report that in 2009 I accomplished my resolution roughly 90% of the time and have now formed a new habit - I now make my bed almost 95% of the time!

So, this year is a little different. I wanted originally to just do one resolution again something that I know I can accomplish, but with a new house and kids getting older I am forcing myself to do more and here's my new list.

1. Make the girls beds everyday
2. Keep my house clean one day at a time (we've worked out a system and it's working so far)
3. Enroll Lily in a ballet class
4. Go to the zoo at least once a month (Luke's parents got us annual zoo passes for the family for Christmas)
5. Do something preschool-ish with Lily at least 45 minutes a day during the week
6. Exercise twice a week (And hey, working in my yard counts!)
7. Attend the temple once a month
8. Go on a date with my husband once a month besides the temple trip
9. Pick up my flute once a month (I was going to say once a week, but lets face it, not going to happen)
10. And... I can't quite make it to 10 so that's that! (Sorry, becoming a better blogger isn't going to make the list )

I've often found that when you tell people you're going to do something there's more motivation to do it. So here I go and wish me luck! I wish all of you a wonderful 2010 year!

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  1. Wow, good luck! Those are a lot of resolutions. But at least some of them are only monthly. We decided last year (or the year before?) to go to the temple once a month, and what really helped us is the first FHE of the month we plan what day we are going to the temple. Much easier to remember to do it that way. You could even plan your date night at the same time! So super fun that you have a zoo pass. I would love that! What a great gift from Luke's parents.