Monday, June 15, 2009

Camping Trip

Well, we had our very first family camping trip! It was actually Zeke and Maggie's first too. Zeke is not exactly a fan of camping, but with 3 boys, Maggie wanted him acclimated. So, she invited us along! The girls did better than I expected and since Luke and I really enjoy camping, there will definitely be more to come! We were at Ensign Ranch and everything was wonderful except for the hundreds and hundreds of mosquitos that were there. The girls got away without any bites... might have something to do with the fact that I was spraying them about every 45 minutes. Luke and I were not so lucky, but it wasn't too bad.
Here are some pictures - Enjoy!
They had a really nice FREE slip and slide and so we all went and had a GREAT time. Lily went down about 5-6 times. But after she got splashed in the face 3 times in a row she was done. Arya did about 3-4 but she screamed and cried every time. We're such nice parents. :)

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