Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Music Man

YAY! Well, the show was a success and there were so many people there this weekend that it was insane. On opening night about 15 minutes before theshow started, we had a packed gym and into the overflow. Then about 5 minutes after that the crew had to open up the chapel put seats in between the pews and people were sitting in the choir seats up on the pulpit! We had an estimated 550 on opening night, about 300 for the matinee and then about another 450-500 for the closing show!! It was SUCH a great time! My mom was so great at babysitting for Luke and I this week that I really didn't have to worry about my children at all and was just able to enjoy being in the orchestra. Here are pictures of the show. We do have video clips... but copy right laws are screaming in my head saying "DON'T POST ANYTHING!!" So, you all just have to come visit and watch it some time!


  1. That looks like so much fun Eileen! I wish we could have been there! I'm sure it turned out wonderfully :)

  2. It was great! good job all.